5 things i will desperately miss about living in mexico

After being lucky enough to live in mexico for a year and a half, our mexican adventure is about to end as we pick up stakes and travel on to the south pacific for a myriad of new crazy adventures. i am sad to leave mexico but excited for all that is to come. mexico has treated us right. has taught us invaluable life lessons, and made life real again. other blogs i have written discuss these transformational contributors, and are good reads that demonstrate the value of the mexican culture for the heart and soul. (so you should check them out on my blog!)

so as not to repeat myself, here is a quick, simple list of things i will most miss about sweet ol mexico. for any of you who live here, you will understand.

just a quick list.

5 things i will desperately miss about living in mexico. 

1. music blasting from speakers all times of day. in the grocery store. at the corner farmacia. ice cream shop. you name it. any excuse for getting out the woofer tripod and extension cord. adds a notion of fiesta and excitement to everything, everywhere. to what are serious places in the US, Mexico makes a party.

2. which leads me to #2, everything is a party. any excuse for a pinata, cake, orange soda, hip hop music, relaxing, laughing, and tamales. from celebrating the purchase of a new bicycle, to birthdays, day of the dead, children days, fridays, and sundays. life is always a party.

3. speaking spanish. the majority of the people i know do not speak any english at all, and, contrary to public belief, have no real interest in learning, or in traveling, let alone moving, to the US. Therefore, I always speak spanish. And I will miss that. I will miss the challenges of everyday that come with speaking in the present continuous. or new vocab. life is so easy when we can just spit out the words. but when we always have to think and choose and be conscious of every word, all day, it makes life different.

4. random adventures. in mexico, every day is a random adventure. nothing is predictable or punctual. like the turkey that lived in the garage across from our school. or seeing a man hauling a refrigerator on his back drinking a beer. or the men in suits on mopeds, or free teddy bears wrapped up as promotion with black beans. snakes in parking lots, dogs on roofs, spice on lolipops, men selling pina juice and clorox, bathrooms with no toilet paper, cars with no doors, dogs with no leash, and wifi spots with no wifi. oftentimes, stuff rarely makes sense. keeps you laughing. keeps life interesting. puts shit in perspective. shows you what really matters. tests your patience. riddles your judgements, humbles your expectations, and humors your soul. and if you stay long enough, before you know it, you go from recognizing and judging, to riding mopeds in suits too, drip dying, becoming addicted to the spicy lolipops, waiting for the pina man’s bell to buy your clorox, give stuffed animal gifts to your children based on annual promotions of taco products, and flinch when there is a dog on the street instead of where he belongs on the rooftop. because life isnt supposed to make sense. isnt supposed to be boring and judgmental and predictable. is supposed to be a fun journey of laughs and rolling with the punches, being laid back, open minded, tolerant, humble, patient, creative, and functional. all this works for mexico. and life is relaxed and orderly in the random chaos. keeps things exciting.

5. friendly people. buen dias….. mexicans will greet you from 5 blocks away, hold the door for you, allow you to cut in line, teach you spanish, take your photo, share their snacks, and give you the clothes off their back. they will never meet you on time for anything. but they will give you their world. and will have a smile while doing it.

these are the things that matter in life…………………..


while we are on the topic…

 10 things i won’t miss

1. no air conditioning

2. stray dogs

3. cash only

4. overpriced peanut butter

5. cold showers

6. the gas company

7. spotty wifi

8. tamales

9.speed bumps

10. nescafe

VIVA MEXICO!!!!  we love you!!!!!!


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cheers 🙂


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Wayne Havens May 27, 2014 at 5:37 pm

Tamales??? I thought everyone liked tamales!! But yeah, I love Mexico but can do without the topes….

Larissa Magee May 27, 2014 at 10:04 pm

Some good stuff here…have a great time on your new adventure!

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