a love letter to earth

earth day

dear earth,

gosh how do i even start this. i am so nervous to write to something so big, so powerful, and so amazing. i am intimidated to write to something that i am so blessed and grateful for, something that gives me life and brings me ultimate happiness, peace, adventure, and continuous amazement. but i will try. because i really want to say thank you.

you amaze me everyday. your beauty i cannot even put into words. your grandeur and natural beauty and gentle balance and ever changing adaptations are beyond comprehension. your fish and forests and ocean and cliffs and lakes and mountains and flowers and rivers… ohh rivers how i love.. and the way it all flows together. apart, yet coming together in peace, is truly remarkable..

i have to say my favorite is the ocean. and you know what, i have given my life for you. not to make you feel awkward or anything. but i gave up my house and car and job and life.. for you. to be with you everyday. to be closer to you, surounded by you, in order to learn the lessons that you teach. and in order for my daughter to fall in love with you as much as i have. not that we are competing for your attention or anything. i feel that you are big and badass enough to handle two blondes.. 😉  you see, we gave up barbies and shopping and stuff that isnt a part of you, so that we have the space for more of you in our hearts. and in exchange you have restored our life, and hearts, and relationship with each other. we respect you, and you respect us. and i really like how this relationship dynamic works. we are amazed everyday at your colors and stability and magical phases. your sea that surrounds us and provides activities and happiness like nothing else can possibly do. it is just a matter of having open eyes and an open heart to appreciate you and allow you to penetrate the core of us as you have the ability to do. taking off your shoes and feeling you underneath. taking the time to notice you and feel you. strong yet soft. you are always there.

i have always given my life to you. i have traveled all corners, discovered all colors. from the time i was an expedition guide in your mighty himalayas, to traveling the world surfing you, sleeping on your surface, hearing your sounds, and now living in your paradise. you have made me me. i even have your flowers tattooed on my arm.. and i really hope this doesnt mean we will be breaking up soon.. 😉  and oh yeah, i love you so much that i named my daughter after you. and my name is even named after you too. well, sort of. after your sky, not really you but still kind of counts. crystal blue. so you see, you surround me. from sunrise to sunset to all the beautiful colors in between. and even, all of those other humans who share you. yeah i love them all too.

i promise to always work to help and protect you. yesterday river and i picked up a plastic bag in your ocean when we were snorkeling and brought it to shore, and then filled it with cigarette butts from other who have disrespected you. we try not to judge anyone, but we sure are glad that we take care of you as best as we can, so that you take care of us as best you can.

so you see, thank you doesnt seem to cut it. but, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. for being our church. for being our peace and happiness and showing us true unconditional love. for keeping us ‘grounded.’ we look forward to a lifetime more of adventures on you. and in exchange we will give you a lifetime more of amazement and appreciation, of every ounce of you, tiny, huge, brown, green, blue, and pink. balanced out to rainbows of environmental bliss and magestic simplicities. gosh.. how do you do it.

its ok, you dont have to write back. or email or anything. i mean you probably get 50 million love letters a day. from other humans equally in love with you. and i am sure you wont even notice this one. but then again, maybe you get none, and this one will make you smile. maybe you are so big that people forget to write to you, because they think you wont care, or have the time to read or respond. maybe everyone thinks you are too cool. or maybe everyone takes you for granted. and never takes the time to remember how important you are. well i didnt want to do that. i wanted to tell you how thankful we are for you. and thats all. no expectations. just gratitude.

really, its the least we can do.

all our love,

crystal blue & river



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crystal blue November 8, 2014 at 8:28 pm

Reblogged this on enlightened globetrekker and commented:

was just reminded of the beauty of nature again this morning during sunrise

martin November 9, 2014 at 12:20 am

add my name to your letter please (:

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