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Learn about new places and new things. Learn about yourself. Get away. Realize your dreams. Be free. Simplify your desires. Help cultures. Help causes. Be inspired. Love your mother earth. Love yourself. Challenge. Relax. Rejuve. Connect. Express gratitude. Adventure this earth.


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Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures is the product of my years of traveling the world researching, writing, working, photographing, helping, living, loving, learning, respecting, growing, and dreaming. I call it a conscious living travel adventure company, which is based off of the philosophy of The Enlightened Globetrekker company and writings. It is aimed for those who desire a different kind of travel experience rather than tourist hotels and  Disneyland. We offer enlightening global adventures for the body, heart, mind, and soul all over this beautiful world, in incredible tropical and remote places. These adventure expeditions can be privately designed or you can jump on a retreat already planned, from Himalayan treks, Costa Rican chica yoga surf adventures, giveback trips helping those in need, Nicaraguan jungle waterfall treks, family Canadian canoeing camping retreat, to Ireland, France, Mexico, and everywhere in between. There is something for everyone, and we are adding more everyday, as we hire more highly skilled and compassionately qualified adventure guides in all areas of the planet. This place is big, and we are all one. Come see the world in a different way, from a different angle: from the ground, the back woods, the water, from real nature and pure heart. Meet like-minded adventurers, and discover, along the way of the incredible adventure, a whole new you. Come become an enlightened globetrekker.

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Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures are about rustic pampering, eco-chic style, and luxe simplicity. My team of guides are highly skilled in their areas, tend to your needs, learn who you are, show you true adventure and watch you feel that amazing flow of goodness and overwhelming contentment and amazement that can flood your soul when you see what you are capable of, learn new perspectives, make dreams come true, and feel ultimate freedom and simplicity. My mission is to share adventure and grounded travel with everyone, to enable people to get away, challenge themselves, feel freedom, help populations in need, love life, create friendships, get inspired, get balanced, check in with their hearts, fall in love with nature, respect cultures, realize dreams, follow passions, feel sunshine, forget stress, explore values, and see pockets of this amazing planet that we live on. From all ends of the world, Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures are revitalizing, relaxing, rejuvenating, exciting, and rich in healthy lifestyle and global and personal discoveries.

About Me

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My grassroots background and inspiration includes and stems from years of experience as a Himalayan expedition guide high in the remote Buddhist land of northern India and Tibet in the majestic Himalayan mountains. I am a cultural anthropologist and have worked with global populations of Tibetan refugees, Australian Aborigines, Burmese refugees, Somali Bantu, and Mayan Indians on human rights and cultural preservation issues, and have taught Mexicans and Marshallese in education. I have worked/lived in Australia, India/Tibet, Mexico and the Marshall Islands, and have traveled to Dominican Republic, Fiji, Bali, Indonesia, and a bunch of European nations that dont count because they I was only sleeping with my trek pack for 7 hours in the terminal there, en route to Asia/India twenty times a year. Sometimes I was a lone backpacker with a surfboard and a drum, and sometimes I was leading 30 people. My heart is in the Himalayas.  Raw adventure and survival. I helped lead teams of medical doctors into the Himalayas to provide care for Tibetan refugees with no access to healthcare. They would walk five days to reach our camp. I led anthropologists deep into the Himalayas, and taught them all I know. I was a professor of Tibetan culture, Buddhism, human rights, tourist devastation, high altitude adaptation. I lived in a tent, ate tsampa, drank chai, researched with nomadic Changpas, and philosophized life. I realized so much. The combination of beautiful nature and raw adventure and humanitarianism that led me to an inspiring self-discovery is what I now share with others, in many forms and environments. 

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I have always been an adventurous nature-lover.  I am especially liking paradise these days: turquoise seas, pristine cenotes, ancient ruins, Pacific islands, white sand beaches, jungle palms, and coconuts. Besides guiding expeditions, I am an international educator, international director, lifestyle design coach, paradise lover, ocean/sunshine-obsessed yogi, published international writer, founder of Enlightened Globetrekker, and mommy to River, age 10. We have created a 3rd culture life in the Mexican paradise of Cozumel and Tulum, have lived in the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, have traveled through Asia, India, and Europe on 3 different world tours in 2 years, and are currently living in a small village in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa. We love and help humanity in all corners of the world. We freedive, kayak, swim, trek, camp, sail, explore, dream, and discover real life. Asante Sana!

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Join us on our next expedition and adventure your body, mind, and soul. Life is beautiful. Come live it!

I look forward to loving life with you soon.

Crystal Blue

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