edge of the world

far, far away in a land where coconuts fall and shells walk around all day and sunsets envelop the sky and reflect the water like twinkling estrellas, i have made my home for a few years. this last frontier of pacific wilderness in raw untameable form that beckoned me for adventures and sunshine bliss, disappearing from the planet a little more everyday. while a western world of traffic and speed and deadlines and overcommittments and money races, we sleep. a day and a half ahead of life, on a tiny atoll in the isolated pacific ocean, we walk, we notice, we think, we embrace.

to detach from scurrying life and stopping at a dead crawl, is a challenge. a foreign world to the modern age, discovered so long ago, yet standing tall and unchanging in its own glory of remote independence and miraculous free terrain.

the marshall islands is a wild place like no other. what strikes me most is its wilderness of endless ocean and fast moving tides, majestic shells and proximity from another world that seems eons away.

some islands take 52 days to travel to by boat. in todays world this seems unimagineable. but here it is life. 18 days to get here, 7 to get here. bring a hammock, bring a tent, bring a journal and some water, and leave your expectations and lifestyle at home. swim with the luminescent purple jellyfish at night, notice the fucia coral amidst brown reef rock, follow the crab shells, watch the marlins spin, feel the sun on your back, and be your own survivor.

surviving a world so foreign to our own in place and time, in danger and beauty, in emptiness, yet fulfilled, transforms your soul. your strengths and cravings, it is a natural quelling of fears and realization of inner power. and swimming in a pacific blue sea, limitless in its reach and depth, borderless in opportunities and dreams. sitting on the edge of the world.

for it is good to know our earth and what is possible. it is good to follow dreams to places unknown. for in every new lesson learned about the sea, the land, the people, there is one for us inside our soul as well.

this journey is teaching me more of remote nature. respect for its grandeur and beauty and change and power. seeing the tides surge in and then disappear. to be a part of a place that will one day no longer be here and for this moment in time being a part of its gentle flow and balance. abandoning desires and enveloping gratitude and challenge. keens and my adventure pack. brilliant coral and soul-quenched independence and love. and better yet, my daughter is learning all the same. she crosses atolls and discovers shells and corals and respects the sea. she faces her fears and embraces glorious mother earth without distraction.

some days i yearn for tacos. some days i yearn for all my friends. some days i yearn for familiarity, in a land where that depends. a life is meant for exploration, and never sitting still. and a day is meant for learning, in a place i always will. paradise is interesting in what it teaches us. a calendar photo comes to life from a magazine read on a bus. somewhere deep in mexico, when this adventure promised on. and i thank the universe that i have done it all. because otherwise we never know. dont let your dreams just remain dreams, reach deep and take it slow. one thought and curiosity turned into plans and schemes. dont let your life slip by from you, get up and make a go. 

be your own survivor 🙂
















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