happy thanks giving.

Tis the season for giving thanks for stuff.

Despite its historical complications, there is an ounce of goodness to this day.

We are celebrating gratitude. And all of the many reasons for our gratitude.

Best to start at the earth and work our way up. Being thankful for soil and oceans and sunlight.

Then we can move to the next step, maybe giving thanks for the food that grows in the soil and sunlight, and for the fish that swim in the ocean: edible, beautiful, and free.

From there we have humans and family. Children. Children’s laughs. Dreams. Justice. Clean drinking water hopefully. Sanitation. And one can hope someday, peace.

Out if this is Love. Understanding. Balance. Compassion. Hope. Respect. Health. Beauty.  Happiness. And choices.

We have millions of blessings, no matter who we are. We are alive. We have choices. We can sink or swim. We can love or hate. We can have gratitude or expectation.

Today is for gratitude. Let it filter into our souls and heal us until next year. Let us feel its power and kneel down to the earth for giving us the opportunity to be here to experience this life. And love. And these blessings. And this gratitude.

Happy Thanks Giving.



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