i would snorkel, but i dont want to ruin my hair



here is a reality check..  and a reminder of the powerful most magical life lessons that are hidden in tiniest moments 🙂

here in cozumel pretty much all my daughter and i do is snorkel. all day, everyday. as soon as we wake up, we throw on our bikinis and masks and snorkels and step out into the hot sunshine out back and jump into the aquamarine water. the fresh water is my coffee. and then we stay out all day, and i mean all day. swimming and snorkeling together, exploring life, discovering the amazing underworld, identifying new fish, flowing with the current, holding hands, giving each other ‘ok’ buddy signs, watching the sun rays shine through, watching the crystallized particles glisten and being together, in nature, in peace. and free. learning, sharing, growing, seeing and feeling, together. it is the most amazing thing. now my daughter can do this by herself too, she is such an island girl. she goes out alone, never fearful, never tiring, and always equally excited.

yesterday we were at the beach and i was getting my gear on for a solo session. i heard some american girls talking at the shore, watching me, and making some comments. i usually tune the tourists out as i do my thing, but yesterday i listened because something caught my attention. ‘well i would snorkel. but i dont want to ruin my hair.’

hmm. i thought about this for a second and went on with my life, strapping my mask on, getting the snorkel in place and off i went. straight out and then veering to the left out to this submerged rock that always attracts the best combinations of beautiful sealife. its my ‘go to’ rock 🙂   i popped my snorkel out, took a few deep breaths and headed down for a free dive. as i freedove to my rock, i noticed the ocean above start surging. a swell came and it lifted the gelatin clear water uuuup and downnn, rolling in waves. it was the most amazing thing to watch, the whole ocean moving up and down. and then it stopped and was back to completely placid. and then the sun rays shined through the water like the longest most glistening most beautiful beaming lights of heaven, so angelic, so amazing. i had a moment of total overwhelming surrender and amazement of the beauty and incredible nature of it all. and gratitude for me noticing this beauty, and for appreciating it.

and i thought about that girl on the beach. who didnt want to get her hair wet. and god i felt so bad for her. at that moment, amidst such an amazing setting. i felt so bad for the life she was missing out on because she didnt want to get her hair wet. a prisoner to things ‘in place,’ a prisoner to a comfort zone and beautyand image, ignorance even, living through fear, afraid to look wet. and natural. and happy. scared to be free, scared to experience, take chances, make mistakes, embrace, scared to love and flow see and feel happiness and get wet. scared to do. scared to live. look how much she misses out on, i thought. i cant imagine never seeing all of this. never having these moments, never surrendering to nature, never experiencing freedom, and beauty, never doing, dreaming, or really just, living. but you know what, i thought. she probably doesnt even know. she probably has no idea what is out here, under here. she is missing life, and it is right before her very eyes. passing her by, and picking up others who are ready to get wet.

i thought how that related to so many things in life………………………………………………..

i get my hair wet everyday. and you know what, it even gets all tangled up in the snorkel strap. every damn time. i rip more hair out each time i am done snorkeling and remove my mask. but i dont care. when its all tangled up like that i dont get mad. instead i smile, knowing what i had just seen and felt, happy to be paying the sacrifice of some ripped off strands of hair in exchange for freedom, dreams, self-discovery, challenge, experience, and life. and in getting my hair wet, i live. kind of like baggage, life experiences, the more i do,the more chances i take and dreams i pursue,  i free myself and allow myself to be a part of the world. i dont hide behind a hairdo, i mess it all up on purpose. and the wetter and messier it is from the turquoise sea, it means the longer i have been immersed in it, the more i have seen, and the more i understand.

and i take off that mask and walk ashore under the blazing mexican sun, thankful that life isnt passing me by. hair completely, dripping wet. accompanied by a magnificent smile.

dont be the girl who is afraid to get her hair wet.

life is short. GO LIVE IT.

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Dennis April 21, 2014 at 7:56 pm

What a shame to miss even simple life’s pleasures …seize the moment

lis April 25, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Why come here if not to get out there and enjoy what there is to see…UNDER…the water. The best times I have is when I see what the ocean has swimming in it!

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