Meet the new Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures Coordinator, Andre Bland!

Andre joins us from Virginia, USA, and is very excited to be a part of the Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures team!

Andre is a personal trainer, championship body builder, actor, writer, and painter. Andre is inspired by travel and spirituality. He loves outdoor adventure in the forms of canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing, cycling, running, and exploring new terrain. Andre loves animals, nature, and philosophizing and trying to understand life.

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Andre will be acting as the Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures Coordinator. He will be designing new amazing trips, managing and coordinating the adventure guides, website, managing trip logistics, registrations, payments, service components, and answering any questions and emails. Andre has a strong marketing background. He will be doing all of Enlightened Globetrekker’s marketing and social media management, will act as my assistant and will hold the Enlightened Globetrekker basecamp down while I am traveling. Andre will also be acting as the adventure guide on various trips.

Andre’s lifestyle and philosophy are very much aligned to the mission of Enlightened Globetrekker, and We are so thankful to have him on board! He will work hard to ensure that this mission is always upheld, and that all team members and guides are fully taken care of, inspired, and stoked. Andre is excited to work with you all in becoming enlightened globetrekkers, as we come together to love and adventure life, and share our beautiful planet.

Please email Andre anytime at


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