namaste new year

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Namaste, New Year,

Welcome to the universe. It is nice to see you.


I stand here at the water’s edge and greet you. Just you and I. Alone. You feel nice. And warm. The wind wraps you around me. I am ready for you.

I can feel your rush. It falls on me like satin. I am enamored by your weightless essence. And all you bring. New chances, adventures, lessons, smiles, loves, places, and accomplishments, all waiting to be discovered, experienced, and mastered. All this you bring. The thought of these glorious open-ended possibilities that you hold makes me shiver with delight, grin with anticipation, and bow with sweet joy and gratitude. Kneeling to the sand, I kiss the earth that you envelop. And bless you with my being. Establishing my connection with you. Saying hello. Letting you know I am here. Telling you I exist, and I acknowledge.


On my knees I feel your grounded secret that you may bring hardship as well as good. Your whispers of new worries, new fears, new failures, disappointments, sadness, lessons, and pain.

I greet you fully.  From deep in my heart outwards to my outstretched arms, embracing your sunlight, watching it shimmer on the water in droplets of glistening opportunity and joy.

Please keep me in balance with what I need. Please bless me and reward me and punish me the way I need to stay true to myself and on my right path. I trust that you wont hold anything I cannot endure, and I hope that you grant me with more goodness than I can handle, more fresh fruit than I can eat, and more love than I can manage, as you have this past year as well. I know now that my decisions bring fortune and fame or failure and deceit. And no matter what of the two I am experiencing, I am always glad to see you for all that you represent.

Fresh, motivation, do-overs, do betters, and do mores. Lessons, perspectives, and sunshine

This year I was blessed. Yet I am still glad to see you. Not to make my wrongs right, no, not for that. But to continue my blessings and improving myself, an ever-learning and evolving human. In the past I have been glad to see you for safety. To free me from the current year. I have realized that all years are different, and that they balance out into life, and reflect our energy flow, and our soul contributions and sacred spaces. So I am thankful for mistakes and opportunities anew. And always, excited for achievements to come and dreams to be realized.

This new year I vow to be myself. Honest, honoring, and healthy. Focused, productive, selfless, and kind. I will make every use of you and run across your rainbow with my bare feet, sprinkling gold along the way. Leaving it to mark my path, and to guide me home if I ever lose my way. I am excited for all that you hold. Bitter surprises and miraculous wonders.

I welcome and embrace you in my soul.

Happy New Year.

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