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Crystal Blue is a writer. World traveler. Cultural anthropologist. International educator. Free spirit. Himalayan expedition guide. Adventurer. Professor. Dream seeker. And Happiness finder.

River is seven. She is a mermaid. An adventurer. Coconut picker. Free diver. Free thinker. Rainbow lover. And beautiful heart and soul.

Our Story

coopphoto2Our globetrekking life began in February 2013, when I left my university job, and our beautiful home in Wilmington, NC, USA, and began living a life as global nomads to experience our world. I wanted a different type of life: one with no stress, with different values, nature, freedom, culture, adventure, sunshine, and creativity. I wanted to raise my daughter the way I believed. I wanted to spend everyday with her in paradise. I wanted to be free of cultural expectations and pressures and schedules. And I wanted to be happy. So I listened to myself, and we moved to Mexico, and never looked back.

We have been living in paradise and reconnecting with each other and our beautiful earth ever since. We live simply, happily, adventurously and free. The simple beautiful lessons revealed in our everyday lives out here under the sun, I write about, to share with you, as inspiration and desire to realize your own soul desires and beautiful strengths, to follow your own inner compasses, to share in our global adventures, and to be all you hope and dream too.  Attention has been drawn to our unique lifestyle in a quest for adventures and dream seekingcrystalblue_pacificflowers from home.

To find out more about us, there are two interviews we have done which pretty much answer all questions more or less. The most recent was with Swashbuckle Media Meet an International Traveling Single Mom Redefining Experiential Learning and also Meet the Amazing Family Behind Enlightened Globetrekker . Also we encourage you to read through this blog from start to finish. Our entire inspirational story is all laid out here. From my very first blog entitled Confessions of a Free Spirit Globetrekker to the popular elephant journal article 11 ways Growing Up Abroad is Ruining My Daughter’s Life and 8 Powerful Lessons I have Learned from a Year of Mexican Adventures and everything in between. They are full of humor, inspiration, strength, soul, amazing adventures, encouragement, happiness, simplicity, and gentle reminders of life’s beauty and the pursuit of dreams. I am also writing my first book entitled The Enlightened Globetrekker, directly inspired by this blog, co-authoring a cookbook, opening a basecamp resort in Tulum, Mexico, and have just unwrapped my latest project Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures, a mindful living adventure company offering worldwide inspirational adventure travel retreats and expeditions to the most beautiful and remote placesx on the planet. It is an amazing journey.

Enlightened Globetrekker is a true example of success and dreams coming true in the rawest form. I started EG a year ago as a tiny blog of our life in Tulum, Mexico, from my anthropological life perspective as the ‘other’, documenting our experience and adventures. I had realized some things after a year in Mexico. Amazing things about myself, and our world, that I learned from having everything, and giving it all up, for nothing, except my daughter and some sunshine and freedom and ground down wisdom that saved my life. And I wrote this all down in a blog called The Blonde Mexican Project. And I never thought anyone would ever read it, or care. But they did. And not long after, I was contacted for publishing rights, article after article. What was just our life, our decisions, our strengths and fears, became national knowledge in Mexico, and then international knowledge in the world, as my writings went viral and began to reach more than half a million readers and inspiration seekers. We became ambassadors, for free-thought,  and courage and inspiration and global travel, and parenting and adventure.  And people reached out to me wholeheartedly.

We have now been featured in many publications, and are involved in a myriad of unbelievable projects. And we have no idea what is next.  And most incredible of all, is the community we have created of yall, our readers and like-minded souls. New friends around the world who all believe in freedom and dreams, and who are being inspired by our strength, life decisions, sense of adventure, happiness, and grounded living. Those who keep us company out here on the road of life. Thank you, all. I will happily answer any questions and am very open with how our life works. This project has been been built from nothing but love, sand, dreams, and 20 pesos. It has been built because of our readers. Because of the public discovering and connecting to our life, to my words, and to wanting more. And that means everything.

To date, this adventure has included life in Cozumel, Mexico and Tulum, Mexico, and currently, we are in Majuro, Marshall Islands, in the South Pacific, and continue to collect coconuts, swim in teal waters, and soak up sunshine in our soul. What can we say, we love paradise.

slider 2 foregroundThank you for visiting our website. Thank you for reading and sharing. Thank you for being inspired. Thank you for joining our international community of support and sharing in our adventures and life philosophy. Welcome aboard our adventure.

Please find us on facebook at The Enlightened Globetrekker or my personal facebook at Crystal Blue or email at enlightenedglobetrekker@yahoo.com or our new twitter page at @enlightenedgt. Lots of ways to be in touch.

Life is beautiful. Go live it. 

Komol Tata.


Crystal & River

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