south pacific bliss

my zen time has become, when i head out on a little boat here in the Pacific, out past the tuna boats all anchored in the lagoon, spaced perfectly enough apart to each stand in unrivaled glory of their power at sea and international ports of origin.

we head forward. riding by slowly, reading the countries and names stenciled on the sides. inspecting the rust spots and imagining the stories they hold. i close my eyes and feel the island breeze. i imagine the excitement these massive ships have seen at sea. maybe tragedies. success in big catch missions. victories. men at sea for months. helicopter landings on top. i imagine the journeys they have taken. where they came from. how long, where they have traveled. the stories they hold. and i think about life.

we weave in and out in the tuna sprinkled lagoon. out past the tuna boats and leaving the shores of majuro atoll, heading to sea.

eventually we come to the scattered islands. distant images of a tall palm at sunset shooting out from the island and curving forward, reaching for the sunshine that beams it days on end. small dots on the horizon now come to life as we approach. white sand and lush green. aquamarine waters and blue sky and silence. thatched docks. a sleeping island. quiet amidst the pacific waves. quiet amidst modern society/ isolated from the world. hidden from globalization. only found in dreams.

we approach and see smoke rising from the trees and a pig roasting on the sand. wild boars roam the beach. natives sitting under palms playing ukeleles. the clouds puffing into magical shapes. the tall palms swaying to the music.

I free dive an airplane called the sea star. I explore reef and pink coral and turquoise fish. we swim ashore to explore the interior. and find the greenest grass and tallest palms. fallen and eaten coconuts spattered everywhere. husks forming paths to the ocean. shells with giant hermit crabs and pristine conch shells and sand dollar puffers.

we move further out to set squid lines. we swim in the depth of the Pacific blue. a deep abyss housing sunlight rays shining through to an underwater heaven. purple luminescent jellyfish that we grab. touching, feeling the smooth gel, understanding their world, and giving them a chance to not hurt us. respecting the sea.

the islands’ shorelines get distant as we head back to dock. jungle oases leaving in the dust. blue, green and white visions of nature. raw beauty and wild wilderness combined. water and then another island. water and then another island. until we pass by them all and reach the tuna lagoon again. as the sun sets behind us. a massive orange ball falling into the water, lighting the clouds pink and orange. silhouettes of the ships lit up in the foreground, a breathtaking end to the day. the sun slips below and the tuna boats get closer and we know we are home.

weaving between once again. looking up in wonder at their size. closing my eyes all over to imagine their stories again. this time in the twilight. and think of my own.

like the tuna boat. life is strong and courageous. adventures too big to tell. hidden in my being like the mysteries behind the stenciled names of the boats. having passed through the world, seen glory, devastation, victory, happiness, sadness, adventures, people. rusty from a life at sea. standing magnificently in that water. protruding with wisdom and history from limitless journey and thrill and adventure. standing strong and unphased. shining as built, designed for victory and amazing feats and international placements. sort of like life.

what i love about paradise, is that it gives the chance to link life to tuna boats. to allow gratitude to shine strong. it brings dreams and hopes and fears and strength together in a little paradise ball of amazing life. everyone thinks paradise is paradise. i have found that paradise isnt always paradise. but that simple beautiful paradise strengthens and frees and grounds your being to the point that it becomes. looking past the downsides of life and replacing it all with paradise. in the heart. mind. and soul. its not the place. but the thoughts a place manifests and creates. paradise in the heart.

i feel at home now when i pass this lagoon. moments from my home dock, miles from the islands, and a lifetime away from where i come.

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Cheers 🙂

P1020138rivboat ukelele



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Paul Spino September 2, 2014 at 11:38 am

Thank you for continuing to share your adventure with us. The pictures are beautiful.

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