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tulum, mexico soul adventure retreat! april 3-9, 2016. join us!

October 16, 2015 by crystal blue No Comment

Join us in paradise for an inspirational week of yoga, adventure, and organic friendship building, with Strangers to Friends Founder, Carlyn Shaw

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tulum, mexico adventure february 15-21, 2016!

Like the feel of Tulum, this adventure is a mix of eco chic luxe simplicity and raw beautiful natural adventure.

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Meet Our New Staff Adventure Yogi, Maria Hykin

Meet Maria Shibaeva Hykin, Enlightened Globetrekker's Staff Adventure Yogi! Maria will be accompanying Enlightened Globetrekker Adventures to share her powerful YOGA practice and calming instructing with our fellow adventurers.

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tulum, mexico adventure october 20-26, 2015!

Mexico is an incredible country with millions of beautiful adventures awaiting you! Come experience Tulum with us and have an unforgettable vacation experience

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Living in Mexico: A ‘Survival’ Guide

January 31, 2015 by crystal blue No Comment

Amamos Mexico. Life in Mexico can be amazing. If you approach it the right way. Here is a 'survival' guide on how to make the most of living in Mexico, or at least... HOW TO SURVIVE.

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emerging from paradise

A week ago today my daughter and I emerged from our dusty Mexican paradise village and got dropped into an American summer. I have been spinning since. And it has taken me a week to feel empowered enough to write about it. In my mind I keep saying, ‘ ‘Things are so different now….’ Really?? ...

Living in Mexico: A Survival Guide

I now live in the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, since July, but before here, I lived in Mexico for a year and a half, and published a fair bunch there, and am headed back to live there again in October, as my devotion to Mexico has won and I have decided, of all ...

just following dreams.. an interview.

http://www.raisingmiro.com/2014/04/23/families-on-the-move-meet-the-amazing-family-behind-the-enlightened-globetrekker/   by

6 year old freediver!!! dream on!

this is my daughter river. we live in the mexican caribbean. she is a 6 year old free diver. and thats pretty unbelievable 🙂                 we are on an international adventure. and do cool shit like this. everyday. we are living our dreams. being free. realizing our potentials. and ...

i would snorkel, but i dont want to ruin my hair

  here is a reality check..  and a reminder of the powerful most magical life lessons that are hidden in tiniest moments 🙂 here in cozumel pretty much all my daughter and i do is snorkel. all day, everyday. as soon as we wake up, we throw on our bikinis and masks and snorkels and ...

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