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Living in Mexico: A Survival Guide

I now live in the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific, since July, but before here, I lived in Mexico for a year and a half, and published a fair bunch there, and am headed back to live there again in October, as my devotion to Mexico has won and I have decided, of all ...

life in mexican perspective.

another globetrekking symbolic enlightening reminder that life is fine without the extras..

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6 inspirational steps to get ‘unstuck’ and let your soul shine

two years ago, i chose to start living by the direction of my inner compass, steered by passions, creativity, and dreams, instead of mind over matter and finances. instead of confines and regulations, instead of restrictions and and frustrations, stressors, discontentment, pressures, societal expectations, judgements and connotations. while tempting ;).. i chose to give it all up and free myself.

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a different way to look at mother’s day

I dont want you to tell me happy mothers day. Everyday for me is mothers day. I am blessed. And one would think you would be the thankful one here because I gave you life. And I know you are so thankful. But what you have given me is so much more. In giving you life, you gave me everything.

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just following dreams.. an interview.

http://www.raisingmiro.com/2014/04/23/families-on-the-move-meet-the-amazing-family-behind-the-enlightened-globetrekker/   by

6 year old freediver!!! dream on!

this is my daughter river. we live in the mexican caribbean. she is a 6 year old free diver. and thats pretty unbelievable 🙂                 we are on an international adventure. and do cool shit like this. everyday. we are living our dreams. being free. realizing our potentials. and ...

a love letter to earth

dear earth, gosh how do i even start this. i am so nervous to write to something so big, so powerful, and so amazing. i am intimidated to write to something that i am so blessed and grateful for, something that gives me life and brings me ultimate happiness, peace, adventure, and continuous amazement. but i will ...

i would snorkel, but i dont want to ruin my hair

  here is a reality check..  and a reminder of the powerful most magical life lessons that are hidden in tiniest moments 🙂 here in cozumel pretty much all my daughter and i do is snorkel. all day, everyday. as soon as we wake up, we throw on our bikinis and masks and snorkels and ...

the mexican atm.

 there’s something about the smell of the ATM cubbies in Mexico. i think its the air conditioning and cold floor and walls. the meticulous order of this little magic box. with higher sanitary standards than restaurants and colder air than the freezer section of chedraui and mega. the pristine white walls lacking postings about casas ...

12 ways growing up abroad is ruining my daughter’s life

After living abroad for a year and a half now (in the mexican caribbean and the marshall islands) with my 7 year old daughter, and after some pretty crazy adventures, and plans to continue raising her abroad well into the future,  i have compiled a list of the many reasons this has ruined my daughter’s ...

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