the secrets to finding real happiness.

by crystal blue

Happiness comes from within. We have all heard this by now. But, what does this really mean? And how do we create true happiness within? Inner happiness that is pure and true and not a front for unhappiness, not a phase or temporary disposition or five yoga class enlightenment, but real, true, unwavering internal happiness, unable to be affected by the trials and tribulations of life, unable to be affected by relationship dramas or stressors, unable to be taken, but a true balance of happiness in the soul, that exudes out and never falters, no matter what. In today’s society, in the West, in this really possible to achieve?


Then How?

1. Love yourself. Care for yourself, tend to your needs to be, and stay, balanced. Sports, hobbies, habits. Respect yourself. Stand up for yourself. Be confident. Trust yourself. Remember that you are beautiful and unique. Feel good with yourself. Own your own skin. Own your own heart. Keep your head up. Find your power, and exercise it. Do things that make you happy. Do things that keep you healthy. Do things. Pride yourself on the little things. Travel. Love. Live. Smile. You deserve it.

2. Be positive. Search for the good in every person, place, and situation. View life half full and not half empty. Everyone on this journey has something to teach us, every place shows us something new, and every situation introduces different perspectives. Don’t get sucked into drama or gossip or sadness. Remember all the blessings in this life, and charge each situation with a smile and happy heart. No matter what.

3. Be adaptable. Life is not always perfect. But it is up to us how we deal with those imperfections. The more open-minded and adaptable to all occasions we are, the less room there is to get upset about things not going exactly our way. Remember that life is life, and 9 million things usually get in the way of our ideal day, or event, or life. But when those 9 million things happen, it doesn’t mean they need to get the best of us. We can remember that this is life, that we are human, and it is our reaction to these things that makes the difference. Not whether or not they are there. Be able to bend and flow with upsets and schedule changes and misfortunes. Its usually not the end of the world, and getting upset will not change anything anyway, so you may as well stay happy. Be patient. Be smooth. Choose your battles, if you will.

4. Be strong. Don’t let others bring you down. No matter what. Be strong in your heart and don’t give anyone the power to affect that strength. Be strong in your convictions, wants, needs, values, ability to whether storms, and desire to retain your happiness, and never let anyone steal it from you when your eyes are closed.

5. Be thankful. Gratitude. Super  important. Possibly the singlemost freeing concept in the universe. Experiencing, feeling, and displaying gratitude has the ability to completely transform a life. The people who are really happy people have an enormous amount of gratitude. For big and little. For simple and complex. For beautiful and unpolished. For smells and tastes and sunsets and movies and health and happiness and moments. For all parts of life. It is all in how you look at everything. From the bottom up, or from the top down. Free of expectation, and full of unconditional gratitude.

6. Be kind. Being kind to others makes us happy. It brings joy to our heart. Always be kind.

6. Live in the moment. Be happy in the moment. And not waiting for life to happen. But embracing life everyday.

7. Set goals. Be active in your life. Challenge yourself. Seek out new things. Set goals for new accomplishments. There is so much to learn. Crave that. Don’t be lazy. Learn. Grow. Love. Stay inspired by whatever inspires you. Make plans. Set goals and achieve them. And then be proud of yourself. And then set more. And go achieve those too. And if you dont achieve those goals, try again. Dont let life defeat you. Ever.

8. Fulfil your dreams. Listen to your heart. Realize your dreams. And work to make them come true. As a gift to yourself. As a way of honoring and rewarding yourself for being a truly happy person. And experience this happiness that can be cultivated and reached when dreams are achieved. This is the greatest example of happiness coming to life. Everyone has a dream. Take a path to happiness, and make it come true.



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