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Where the white sand joins the jungle and sea, where the turquoise water melts into the turquoise sky, where the people smile and the energy is easy, this is Tulum. A once-secret hideaway for soul seekers is now quickly becoming a prime Caribbean destination as people discover its special energy and majestic beauty, and share the secret with others, who flock to make it their new home, investment location, vacation mecca, dive spot, adventure land, and hip Mexican hot spot. There is no doubt about it, Tulum, Mexico is now the place to be. It is the place to see and be seen. To feel and learn and live in a way never experienced before. It offers an escape from the ordinary, and a quest into the extraordinary.

Tulum is about energy and beauty. Put these together and the combined experience of Tulum is as unique as the eclectic mix of locals and travelers: Argentines, Italians, Germans, Australians, Brazilians, whom visit each year, or have decided to make Tulum home. From adventure to relaxation to spirituality, amazing food, eco-chic beach cabanas, yoga retreats, ancient ruins, flavorful Mayan culture, and world-class beaches, Tulum, Mexico offers something spectacular for everyone.

Tulum is mostly known for its ancient Mayan ruins, breathtaking beaches, and Mayan cenotes, and, while these are very important pieces of the area, the town offers much more as well. Tulum is located about 2 hours south of Cancun, both the Cancun airport and hotel district, and is a straight shot and very easy road to travel, via Mexican ADO bus, private car, or taxi. Tulum is a small town divided into two areas: beach and pueblo. Pueblo is the village and this is where you will find several European and Mexican restaurants, chic hotels, hostels, street food, vendors, fresh fruit, farmacias, the main square, and stores selling hammocks and dream catchers. All the infrastructure is adorned with palm frond roofs, which adds to the sleepy appeal of the small town, as you escape concrete of Cancun and slip into this freestyle paradise town. Find a corner spot and sip margaritas on the main avenue as you watch tourists walk by and time stands still. It is hard to be hurried, stressed, or angry in a town like Tulum. After cruising town you may be ready to take a beach adventure, and get ready to be wowed.

The beaches of Tulum are the best in the world. Powder white sand stretches as far as the eye can see, most often empty, void of herds of tourists and theme parks. Simply sand, palm trees, turquoise sea, maybe a few thatched hut cabanas, some driftwood, and you. Relaxing beaches for strolls, exercising, meditating, and swimming, right in your own beautiful town. The beach district also includes its own little shopping district, but most likely in a different way than you have seen before. Stroll along the tiny two-lane drive through hotel row with barefeet and duck into the eclectic shops of artisan candles and designer dresses, post shops with sand floors and tiki lights at night, lighting the path, clotheslines drooping between palms displaying the new chic dresses and laid-back Caribbean beach styles. Hand painted shop entry signs and smoothie carts dot the path of this paradise road, as well as boutique seaside restaurants and lazy beach bars with hammocks and sand. Pop into one of these silent palm tree bars and order a michelada, a staple of Tulum, or a shot of mescal, or fresh guacamole, ceviche, or a baja fish taco. Any and all options are equally crisp, fresh, and delicious. And the view can never be beat, as you sip and relax worlds away from stress, steps away from perhaps the tealest, warmest, and most welcoming water on the planet. In the evening, shower and throw on some nighttime attire of white linen and sundresses and head out to one of the unique many fine dining options of organic vegan grub, fresh seafood, and eccentric scrumptious fare that will leave you drooling, all set amidst the quiet outdoor nature with waves crashing and stars twinkling while you dine. Be whisked away by Tulum.

Tulum is all about relaxation and natural eco-chic style, environmental responsibility and cultural intermingling, Latin dance beats and Caribbean breeze, history, archaeology, trendy couture, and adventure.  You wont find highrise hotels here or McDonalds, everything is very nondescript and swept into nature, built of palm products, beautiful glasses and tiles, designed with respect for the surrounding environment and enveloping all the beautiful area has to offer: sparkling pools and treehouse cabins, stone terraces and Robinson Crusoe steps, endless secluded yoga huts, and candle lit paths. The Tulum energy is meant to calm and sooth not only the body but also the soul. And it does a standup job at that.

Tulum is also a prime investment location, as it is growing and molding to accommodate an increase of people and opportunities, which provides endless future possibilities. There are several high-end condo complexes available for investment, all set amidst lush jungle surroundings with pristine pools, security, and nature sounds, with log balconies opening to palm leaves and glorious sunrise and sunset views.

Not to omit the natural adventure options in Tulum, there are endless cenotes dotting the landscape that provide cave diving, swimming, snorkeling, and cliff jumping, as well as the ancient Mayan ruins on the beach to hike, explore, and imagine a Mayan world of power and majestic waterways. And then there is always jungle hiking, bike riding, beachcombing, shell hunting, dancing, eating, fishing, scuba diving, shopping, yoga-ing, and loving life.. ALL right in your backyard of Tulum.

Tulum consecutively ranks at the top of worldwide lists for best vacation mecca, beaches, nightlife, expression, uniqueness, energy, eco-friendly nature, raw beauty, and adventure, because it deserves it. One visit to Tulum and you will be intrigued, inspired, relaxed, and invigorated. A vacation destination like no other, the natural lure of Tulum is getting discovered. Plan a trip today, for your body and soul.

This is Tulum.

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This article originally written for Mexi-Go Magazine Winter 2015

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